One little known publicly traded pot stock is already making insiders rich, including one well-known, unexpected insider. Former Speaker of the House, John Boehner….

But that’s not why Boehner and other industry heavyweights are “all in on pot”. The real reason is that they think this stock (and two others) can make them and others insanely rich.

Legalization efforts have opened up a massive growth opportunity for many companies, but none as much as the three you need to hear about from John Boehner himself.

Game-changing deals have been going down between the government and these companies. These deals position these companies perfectly for the imminent legalization boom. Cash from these deals is already rolling in and sending the stock prices higher.

Better yet, these companies are small cap stocks under $10, which means they have PLENTY of room to run. Especially with the legalization market literally weeks to months from taking off.

And even with all that, John Boehner is declaring that he thinks this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Boehner and Weekly Gains contributors are convinced that we’re in the VERY early stages of a huge upward trajectory for these tiny pot stocks. This means there could be fortunes to be made for those “in-the-know” investors that take action.

We think these stocks might compare to others that have skyrocketed in the past like:

• Netflix, up 13,710%

• Amazon, up 9,554%

• Walt Disney, up 5,767%

If you’d invested $1,000 in each of those companies you would have made over 300 times your money!

Forget penny stocks.

Forget untried, inexperienced farms.

These are the three stocks John Boehner speaks of being “all in” on.

These are the stocks you should have in your portfolio if you want to position yourself to cash in on the coming boom.

So, due to the “time is of the essence” nature of these stocks, we suggest you hear what Boehner and other experts have to say about them.

To watch this insane presentation, click here.

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